Brunei Reaches Out Through Social Media

Aug 16, 2016

BDADC’s Facebook page humbly began as a way to reach out to Bruneian athletes. That same page today has 800 likes; followed by an Instagram account with 1000 followers and is increasing in follows and likes by the day. Both platforms has become a strategy of utilising social media to promote Clean Sports for both athletes and the general public. Viewership to our posts can hit 2,000 or more!

BDADC does not forget the less IT savvy public and is very grateful for the continuous support from Brunei’s national broadcaster – Radio Television Brunei (RTB) since 2014. RTB hosts an annual LIVE interview with BDADC on their program, Bicara Sukan (Sports Talk Show). This program helps BDADC reach out to almost 80% of the general public, thus further increasing the outreach.

Apart from the common communication platforms, BDADC puts in the effort and does face-to-face contacts regularly, especially in schools. One of our proud creation is the modification of the popular Snakes & Ladders Game incorporating the 10 Anti-Doping Rules Violations. This is one of BDADC’s educational strategy of Play and Learn, and for students it has been well received.