Johaug to return to Norway squad when doping ban ends, team manager claims

Apr 30, 2017

National team manager Vidar Löfhus said they were hopeful her 13-month ban, which expires on November 18 - around the same time the new campaign starts - will be "shortened rather than lengthened".

The International Ski Federation (FIS) launched an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against her suspension, handed down by the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports' (NIF) Adjudication Committee, as they felt it was too lenient.

The worldwide governing body are hoping the ban given to the Olympic gold medallist and seven-time world champion, who tested positive for anabolic steroid clostebol while training in Italy in September of last year, will be extended.

"Therese is not part of the team now," said Löfhus in an interview with Norwegian station TV2.

"But she will step into the squad when she has served her sentence. 

"Today, we relate the judgment that she has received.

We will see the outcome.

"We hope for our part that it will be shortened and not extended.

"She holds a long-term contract with the Norwegian Ski Federation."

Johaug claimed to have used the substance inadvertently via a sun cream that was wrongly given to her by a team doctor.

Anti-Doping Norway argue she should be blamed for "not having undertaken further investigation of the drug she received and used", which reportedly came in a package marked with the word "doping".

However, the skier, who said she used the sun cream to treat cracked lips, insisted her doctor had given her the all-clear to apply it.

Martin Johnsrud Sundby, who also failed a drugs test last season and won the FIS Cross-Country World Cup title, has been named on the men's team, along with Petter Northug and Finn Hågen Krogh.

Six-time Olympic gold medallist Marit Bjørgen is among the headline names on the women's elite squad.