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Feb 1, 2019

US lawmakers introduced the Rodchenkov Anti-Doping Act on Tuesday (Jan 29) with rare bi-partisan support to criminalise international doping fraud conspiracies, a week after the World Anti-Doping Agency decided against suspending Russia.

The proposed law would attack US sponsorship and broadcast rights money for global sports events with US competitors to ensure fraud against Americans wouldn't go unpunished, with penalties up to a US$1 million fine and 10 years in prison.


"Now is the time to create stiff penalties for Russia's cheating and send a signal that Russia and other sponsors of state-directed fraud can't use corruption as a tool of foreign policy," US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse said.

WADA decided against re-imposing a ban on Russia for missing a deadline to provide data from drug tests in the wake of the 2016 report from Richard McLaren detailing Russian state-backed doping from 2011 to 2015 involving more than 1,000 athletes across more than 30 sports.

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