WADA President intensifies athlete engagement initiatives

Jul 8, 2020

The World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) President, Witold Bańka, has kickstarted a series of meetings with athletes and athlete groups, following up on his personal pledge to engage meaningfully with the athlete community and on WADA’s overall commitment to being more athlete-centered as outlined within the Agency’s recently published Five-Year Strategic Plan.

Witold Bańka, a former international-level 400-meter runner from Poland who became WADA President on 1 January, started a series of meetings with individual athletes and athlete groups and associations that represent different sports, regions of the world and perspectives. Given current limitations brought about by COVID-19, this includes virtual calls with athletes that are already within the Agency’s governance structure; calls with a range of athlete commissions; and, many other virtual opportunities that will present themselves. Once COVID-19 restrictions lift, face-to-face discussions will be held.


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